To Act or not to Act….

You know you want too. Basking in the limelight. Fending off the paps. Waving to your thousands of fans screaming as you walk down the red carpet. red carpet

Well, you have to start somewhere right! How about some awesome acting classes!

On-Camera Acting Class… Salem Oregon’s most comprehensive; On-Camera acting class begins Friday,  June 3 rd 2016. 7 PM to 10 PM for 8 straight weeks.

Fun and absolutely family friendly. All ages welcome. Why take an On-Camera acting class even though we’re not in Hollywood? Learn how to interact comfortably in all public situations. See how others see you! Learn the secrets TV and film personalities use to control their surroundings.

Learn confidence building techniques that can be exercised whenever you want. Movies and TV shows are often shot here and they look for well-trained actors. Get a dramatic video monologue scene to share however you wish.

There are only 2 spots remaining. Call or email immediately to reserve your place.

You know you want too!

503-422- 5339

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