In The Box

The question we all ask from time to time, how long have scientists been experimenting with the forces of life? What or who are the guinea pigs or test subjects for their scientific curiosities?

In an odd way of thinking, they must at some point come to realize that to honestly and objectively confirm a study or theory, humans must become the guinea pigs. Right? When and where did eugenics and DNA tampering begin? And why?

Immortality has always been at the forefront of almost everyone’s mindset. Who doesn’t want to live forever? Where and how did we get here… Why are we here? To make a butt load of money so we can buy big houses, fancy cars, boats, planes? Only to then die 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years later? Fade away into oblivion never to be heard of again? Except at family reunions or glanced upon via a faded picture in an old family photo album? If you’re 20 years old, life seems as though it lasts forever. At 60 years old, the realities of mortalility creep into one’s thoughts, more often than not. It is because of those thoughts,  science has been in search of everlasting life since the beginning of time.

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