Boeing Field, So Close… Why?

From inquiries to letters to road trips, we are often led in directions we would have never predicted. It is a foregone conclusion, one’s search for answers takes them on journey’s that many times will just lead to more questions. Just is the case with the mummified cat; where did it originally come from?

Myths and legends must be more than wild tales birthed out of thin air, they must originate from some inspiration somewhere. And not necessarily from the ‘bottle’! While tangible evidence or actual sighting is usually the precursor for a story to go run amuck; how far the tale has drifted from fact, is the big 64 dollar question. Unfortunately, unless rigorously researched, it’s hard to really know how far.

The deeper we dig into the evidence before us, the farther we seem to travel into history.

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Episode 7 ‘From Here to Kent’



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