Search and Seizure

What validates cause for invasion of personal property? Certainly illegal contraband is cause for search and seizure. But, when it comes to personal information does that alone substantiate just cause?

Thomas Jefferson penned in our Declaration of Independence, we are all created equal and it is by God every human being has certain unalienable rights. And those rights are… Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. FYI… Pursuit of happiness, by definition means, ownership of property.

But, then consider imminent domain. It would seem the government needs no just cause when it comes to that type of search and seizure. When it comes to government sanctioned property grabbing i.e. imminent domain, there are no such guarantees or rights. It is interesting, the same government that we the people hire to work for us can work very hard at taking from us, the very property they are hired to protect.

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