The Scales of Justice

Due to litigation, there’s not much we are allowed to say. What we believe is rightfully ours, the ‘system’ argues otherwise. Why do we so often find ourselves fighting for what would seem to be basic inalienable rights? Is our property really our property? Or is it only our property when it suits the circumstance and government?

Note: Chryzinium Chronicles, episode 11 will be preempted this coming Wednesday by a special word from our attorney. We invite you to please take the time to give her your undivided attention as she speaks. The blatant absurdity of justice gone run amuck is what she fights for each and every day and we thank her for her perseverance. And we also thank you for your support.  We shall return.

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Symbol of law and justice, law and justice concept.; Shutterstock ID 140867215; PO: aol; Job: production; Client: drone


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