A New World Order

For decades they have been increasingly leading humanity towards a new world order. Open borders, universal healthcare and of course the standardization of a global monetary system. What that all means in simple form? It is a well thought out elitist orchestration of strategies all set to control our each and every move from cradle to grave.

Interesting thought… What happens when the powers that be are required to relinquish their control and power to an even higher entity? How long will it be before even the elitist are forced to conform themselves? The world as we know it is now in the greatest turmoil and chaos since the beginning of mankind. We are all set up for the biggest fall ever. Yet we idly sit by watching as we sip our lattes, chitchatting about the latest, greatest TV shows of the season. Blind to what is really going on.

Like a thief in the night, our livelihood, our liberties and peace of mind will be stolen from us in the twinkle of an eye. At some point in time we will get exactly what it is we deserve.

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Bonus Material… Chryzinium Chronicles Episode 13

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