FYI… You are Being Tracked

Not alarmed? A few weeks back I was shopping for a new dishwasher in one of those home improvement big-box stores. Actually I was just looking. It was a reconnaissance expedition, nothing more. Get models and prices, that’s it. In fact, I never did talk to a sales agent or ask anyone for help.

Later that evening while checking emails, news events and browsing the net, to my surprise, dishwasher ads began popping up on my screen. Not only did ads of dishwashers pop up but, they were from the very store I was perusing earlier that day. How’d they know I was there? It was then I realized, my identity had been captured, without a hint it was happening, I had been tracked.

Did you hear Amazon is testing a new Point of Sale system that allows one to cruise the aisles of a grocery store and load the grocery cart full of goodies and walk directly out of the store without so much as visiting a single cashier? That’s right; your bank account will automatically be charged the total amount before you put the first bag of groceries in the trunk of your car.  How’s that for tracking?

Does reality precede science fiction or does science fiction precede reality?

Chryzinium, The Lazarus VI Project is a story that is eerily beginning to resemble reality. Scary!

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