When They Come

Although seemingly farfetched at first blush, could it actually be, the handwriting is already on the wall? Is it possible, there may be alien forces among us, today? Dating all the way to biblical times, there are numerous accounts pertaining to the presence of the so called “unearthly”. I think most us believe there is more to the universe than just us goofy humans clunking around on this here, number 3 blue marble.

The question is… When will ‘they’ actually manifest themselves? We accept the concept of a fat little man dressed in a red suit flying around the world in a sleigh powered by gravity-defying reindeer. It is however a foregone conclusion, if this time honored event really did take place once every year, I’m pretty sure the federal government would step in and have their say. Would they have the little fella shot out of the sky for subverting international flight regulations? Or at the very least, would they have jolly Saint Nick locked up for violating some quirk tax clause (no pun intended) set forth by the IRS that prohibits the gifting of billions of toys without a proper tax ID? Hmmm!

Nevertheless, we continue to fixate on the stars. We gaze up into the heavens hoping to see something, anything. As much as we hope it is just Santa Claus, the truth is, we will indeed see something magnificent someday, but for many… they won’t be prepared. Just a thought…

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