It is a new year and justly so, we celebrate. We all have courageous and exciting expectations for the year 2017. But, what will this New Year have to offer?

Over the next 361 days, some will go from rags to riches, while some will experience just the opposite. There are those who will marry and those who will divorce. There are those who will experience great strides in their lives, while others will realize great set-backs. There are those who will be diagnosed with life-threatening diseases, those who will be disabled, and those who will be cured. And, there are those who will die.

While time marches unceasingly on, it is life itself, which is still the great unknown. Time is the only true constant that offers absolutely no do over. Live to the fullest and be the best you can be. Love, kindness, hope and charity are always the winning responses to every windfall, set-back, challenge or tragedy.

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