Tale of a Mind Twist

It is a foregone conclusion all of us, to a certain extent, enjoy that off-the-wall mind bender type story. The kind of tale that really has “Make you Think” written all through the thing. That is exactly what we’re doing this season. We made the decision to delve more into the Twilight Zone approach to storytelling when it comes to Chryzinium Chronicles.

With all that we’re doing this year, we are offering you a chance to sponsor an episode to help offset production costs. Your business or charity can purchase ad space on each of our episodes for only $150.00. Seven spots have been sold, already. Only six spots are available. Just like with all of network episodic TV shows, we produce 13 episodes per season. Because they are posted to YouTube, these shows are viewed on a continuous basis. We are always expanding with new subscribers. This is a great opportunity to get your message out there for very little investment. Be a part of something big. Join us today and help us grow the Chryzinium story.

Visit our Website to Order the Book – Chryzinium, The Lazarus VI Project and other products and learn more about Chryzinium on the ‘About’ page… www.ChryziniumChronicles.com

Or you can Order the book Chryzinium, The Lazarus VI Project’ via Amazon at… Lazarus6.com 

Bonus Material… A Tease for What’s to Come




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