About the Author


Rick Lord: Author Chryzinium Chronicle Book Series

Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, Rick spent most of his childhood growing up in Chatsworth, California. It was a place where old Hollywood shot many of its great westerns and TV episodic shows. The Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers and Little House on the Prairie are just a few. He attended Chatsworth High School. The same high school Val Kilmer, Kevin Spacey and Mare Winningham attended.

It only seems natural that Rick would find himself drawn into the glitz and glamour of movie making; after all, it was all around him growing up. However, his Hollywood career didn’t come until later in life. It wasn’t until his move to Portland Oregon, acting classes and voice lessons landed him bit parts in movies, TV commercials and radio spots.

However, his real passion was found behind the lens. Working his way up the ranks from film crew to Director of Photography, the motion picture biz was entrenched deep into his DNA. To this day he is still active in the movie making circus. Writing the Chryzinium novel series, screenplays, and teaching on camera acting, satisfies his thirst between projects.

Rick was recruited by two young men, Phillip and Tim from his church to help teach them the ins and outs of filmmaking. An avid writer and filmmaker, Rick did his tutoring by doing. Selling his Harley along with additional financial assistance, they set out to produce short films as a practical classroom.

Building a team with others who shared the same interests, Matchlight Films was born. Growing to over 170 members, Salem Oregon was not exactly the motion picture capitol by any stretch of the imagination. The little city did however lend itself as a great place to film. Location permits were non-existent and the Lights Camera Action aspect of the whole spectacle was well received by most of the towns’ people.

Arranging for locations, building sets, purchasing and renting filmmaking equipment, Chryzinium was on its way to becoming a force unto itself. After months of planning, 10 days of filming, visual-effects design and hundreds of hours of editing, Chryzinium the short film, debuted September 22nd 2014 at the Grand Theater in downtown Salem Oregon. Packing the theater with 352 people, the 26 minute feature was a hit. Now what?

A feature length version of Chryzinium was a must. At least that was the plan. However, even after copious fanfare from the press, receiving awards from film festivals, raising the funds for such an endeavor was still a far reach.

A Hollywood producer friend of Ricks presented him a challenge. “Write the book and then let’s talk.” The rest is history as they say. One year to the day after the auspicious prompt, the challenge was met. Rick did his part. Chryzinium, The Lazarus VI Project is in print and in full distribution.

“It’s funny, in the book I have a cast of 51 characters, of which, not one has ever complained about grueling days on the set, lattes being too cold nor have they demanded luxurious on-set accommodations. Book characters are much easier to work with. They eat when I eat and go to bed when I go to bed.” Rick jokes.

Chryzinium, Rise of the Shafutah is currently being written. The dream of making Chryzinium into a motion picture is still an ember that burns deep within his soul. Chryzinium on the silver screen is a vision that is fast becoming a reality.