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First, a big thank you to all of you who came to the State Fair and supported us. The book, Chryzinium, The Lazarus VI Project was a big hit and we sold out all of the books we had brought.  Secondly, we are hoping to be invited to the Holiday Fair, of which appears so far, to be very promising, as well. We will be sending out more details as the information comes in.

Little by little the word about the book, Chryzinium, The Lazarus VI Project is growing. Not only has the Feedback on Amazon been overwhelmingly positive, our subscriber base on our youtube channel, Chryzinium Chronicles is continuing to grow, also. If you haven’t done so already, please subscribe. You’ll enjoy the episodes.

Also, two very nice radio interviews took place this week. One in Aurora Colorado, Wednesday afternoon and the other yesterday, Thursday September 8th 2016, in Portland Oregon. And, if you reside in the mid-Willamette Valley area, I have the honor of being a guest on the Gator and Denise radio show, 1430 KYKN, this coming Monday, September 12th 2016, from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. If you’re by the radio, be sure to give us a listen… Gator and Denise are not only great to hear banter about current events, they are also great to be on air with. I’m really honored to be asked to be a guest on their show. Looking forward to the afternoon with these two awesome hosts.

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Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support.

Rick Lord and the entire Vul-Stream Publishing team.



Formula for Life

What chemicals and/or element compounds were the Nazi German scientists experimenting with in the 1930’s? Were they indeed in search of disease fighting vaccines? Or were their intentions much more sinister?

Will a mummified cat that has been stored for decades in an old wooden box reveal their secrets? Like peeling back the layers of an artichoke, little by little their mad attempt to altering life, may be revealed.

Will an old letter dating back to 1938 by a clandestine research laboratory expose the truth?

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Bonus Material… Chryzinium Chronicles Episode 6

Deciphering the Code

The love letters your great Grandfather sent to your great Grandmother were written much differently than how we write today. Add to that the translation from one language to another and the art of comparative paleography, can be truly appreciated.

A meaning to define… A code to decipher… It are these inner thoughts that fuel the desire to unlock the ‘read between the lines’ messages of the past. Like cracking a banks safe, comparative paleography takes a special person who has studied era, translation, and the style of the document in question.

However, a word of  caution. Sometimes, what is revealed provides more questions than answers.

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Episode 6 ‘Formula For Life’



New Discoveries of a Mad Past

The foundation of any scientific engineering project is research and development.

It is this research that promotes discovery in its purest form.  It brings about possibilities, hopes and visions of grandeur for a more hopeful future.

However, sometimes it can lead to unease, anguish, or pure horror.

What we discover in life, whether by accident or by chance, ultimately determines our destiny.

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Bonus Material… Chryzinium Chronicles Episode 5

Find of a Lifetime

Some of us dream of finding something so incredible and illusive, it defies explanation.  It is literally, the find of a lifetime.

A gem, a gold nugget, or a long lost heirloom that upon discovery; catapults us into untold riches, fame, and or renown.

Consider then, the holy grail of artifacts. Consider discovering a secret document absolutely proving an entities plan for ultimate control of the human race.

Priceless? Or terrifying?

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Episode 5 ‘Discovery unexpected’

cat casket.

As the Experts See it

For every genuine relic, there are a thousand vying for authenticity. However, there is occasionally, in those obscure situations, when there is much more to an artifact than meets the eye.

When a shadow government is spoken of in such a way that even those that are in the know run for cover; it should make us all question authority.

Did the tremendous medical technological breakthroughs of yesterday create more than just cures for tuberculosis and polio? Are there some among us whom are products of the super human race that Hitler’s scientists worked so tirelessly for, almost a hundred years ago?

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“More than a book; it’s an experience” Ed Stiner, Historian

Bonus Material… Chryzinium Chronicles Episode 4


Evil Interpretations

Deranged thoughts! Madness! What defines madness? What are the triggers that unhinge us? Could the unattainable search for life everlasting just be yet, another form of psychosis?

What about the scientists of years past? Those who dedicated their lives in search of this ‘eternal life’? Are they still among us today, alive and well?

Has the Holy Grail of vaccines already been developed? Would exposing humanity to such a chemical be the culmination of ultimate madness? Would it not create worldwide insanity like never before realized?

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Episode 4… ‘Professor Ed Kline’



In The Box

The question we all ask from time to time, how long have scientists been experimenting with the forces of life? What or who are the guinea pigs or test subjects for their scientific curiosities?

In an odd way of thinking, they must at some point come to realize that to honestly and objectively confirm a study or theory, humans must become the guinea pigs. Right? When and where did eugenics and DNA tampering begin? And why?

Immortality has always been at the forefront of almost everyone’s mindset. Who doesn’t want to live forever? Where and how did we get here… Why are we here? To make a butt load of money so we can buy big houses, fancy cars, boats, planes? Only to then die 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years later? Fade away into oblivion never to be heard of again? Except at family reunions or glanced upon via a faded picture in an old family photo album? If you’re 20 years old, life seems as though it lasts forever. At 60 years old, the realities of mortalility creep into one’s thoughts, more often than not. It is because of those thoughts,  science has been in search of everlasting life since the beginning of time.

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Bonus Material… Chryzinium Chronicles Episode 3


The 1930’s Nazi Plan, alive and well today?

You got to put all rational thinking aside for just a short time. Especially well worth the trouble for a good tale. Right? But, what about the truth? Should even more time be spent pondering the following matters? With all of the crazy stories told of the 1930’s Nazi regime and their interests concerning their studies on eugenics, how much of that is speculative fantasy gone awry?

Eugenics as a whole was developed largely by Francis Galton as a method of improving the human race through breeding, however, it was the perversion of its doctrines by the Nazis that created worldwide disfavour. Take that mindset one step farther, if you will. Nazi scientists developement of chemical compounds to eradicate illness, disease and prolong lifespans; science fiction? Maybe, maybe not… It doesn’t take much of an imagination to consider the ramifications, especially if true. To sell to the world a new breed of health care kind of speaks of history repeating itself! Just a thought…

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In The Box

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